Prices and options

Registration fees include accommodation and food from Tuesday to Friday lunch and the bus shuttle from/to Clermont-Ferrand (see the travel information).

  • CNRS employee: free
  • Single room: 200€
  • Shared room: 150€

Please note that the capacity is limited to 80 participants, and only few single rooms are available. Priority will be made upon pre-registration time (the earlier you pre-register, the more chance you have!). It is also possible to participate without accommodation (choose this option when you pre-register).


Pre-registration deadline: May 5 2022
Registration deadline (for pre-registered attendants only): May 20 2022
Registration fees are not refundable.

The registration process in 3 steps

Step 1: Pre-register here: Azur-Colloque There are only a few pieces of information needed here, and no payment at this point.

Step 2: Wait for an organizer to validate your pre-registration (we may ask for status evidence at this point: CNRS researcher, ...). If no single room is available anymore, you pre-registration will be switched to double-room.

Step 3: Once you get the acceptance notification by e-mail, click on the link you get (or follow the same link again) and complete the registration form, in particular please precise in the comment section:

  • if you already know it, your arrival/departure day/time and whether it is subject to further change;
  • if you fly to Clermont-Ferrand, you may ask to us to be put in touch with others attendants also flying, so that you may share a taxi to the shuttle departure;
  • any diet restriction;
  • (optional) the name of someone you would preferably share your room with.

You will have to pay by credit/paying card, or "Bon de commande" (the latter is available only for French universities).

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